Phase I: July 2009 - December 2010

The Open Annotation Collaboration Phase I (May 2009 through December 2010) will:

  • define an initial version of an advanced, standards and practice-based, scholarly-focused framework for sharing, interoperating across and exploiting annotations of digital resources; and
  • lay the foundation for further developing and deploying this framework in subsequent phases of work.

This work is divided into 3 threads:

  1. Interoperability - Work in Progress
  2. AXE-Zotero Integration - Work in Progress
  3. Current Applications and Use Cases - Work in Progress
  4. User Narratives / Use Cases

See the Phase I Proposal and the Phase I Announcement Press Release.


Axe–Zotero Integration

Zotero AXE Demonstration from MITH in MD on Vimeo.

Migrating Annotations Across 3D/2.5D Models Using OAC

[download .WMV]